365 Days Alcohol Free, Here I Come!

Hello There,

My name is Kathleen and I’m on Day 106 of a 365-day alcohol free challenge. Yes, after decades of social drinking I decided to venture into the world of a quietly growing movement—hitting the snooze button on booze.

As for me, I jumped on this journey back in February thanks to discovering an amazing, rootin’ tootin’ booze-free challenge group called One Year No Beer. Their co-founders Andy Ramage and Ruari Fairbairns are on a global mission to help a million people change their relationship with alcohol. What first drew me into their challenge group was reading a LinkedIn article by Andy about the correlation between higher business performance and going alcohol free. In the sports world, do high-performing athletes toss back the booze in bars, at events or at home while they are training for victory? No.

Hmmmmm? So I asked myself, “If I want to live a victorious life–and I mean truly outstanding in all areas of my life–what would happen if I went alcohol free for spell?” So I signed up for a 90-day alcohol free challenge with One Year No Beer–smashed that– and ultimately upgraded to their 365 challenge. And here I am.

While going alcohol free has not been easy (in fact, it was super challenging the first couple of months), here are some highlights of my progress so far that are keeping me in the game:

  • I am much more on my A-Game when it comes to my consulting business.
  • I sleep better.
  • I trained for and ran a 10k (woot woot!).
  • I am meditating for 10 minutes every day.
  • I now have consistent morning and evening routines that start and end my days just right.
  • I wake up most days between 5am and 6am without an alarm clock raring to go.
  • I feel all-around better.

So that’s it for my very first blog post on Snooze the Booze. Thanks for reading.





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