So Long to the Dreaded “Third Glass”

Today, I am on Day 149 of my 365-day alcohol-free challenge. And I’ve not cheated once.

In fact, I have zero desire to drink and feel amazing. Simply amazing. So many areas of my life are getting better and better.

For anyone out there who loves their booze, you might relate to what I call the dreaded “third glass.” I was always fine if I just had one or two Sauvignon Blancs. However, if I ordered that additional glass, that’s when the devil snuck in. That’s where loose lips, slurred words, liquid courage and the like showed up–not to mention feeling like crap the next morning.

Although being booze free seems to have placed me in a minority crowd, I am so happy now that the “third glass” syndrome is no longer a part of my life. Gone are the days of checking my texts and Facebook posts first thing in the morning after a night out with friends wondering if I sent something or posted something in a haze.

  • I am loving being alcohol free. In fact, it’s not just eliminating the booze from my life that has gotten me to such a great place. I am working on my entire mind, body and spirit.
  • I meditate every day.
  • I now have a consistent morning routine and evening routine that have added such richness to my days.
  • I am part of a like-minded community (One Year No Beer) where we all want to be better versions of ourselves.

Being on this 365-day challenge has not been an easy road. No great feats in life are. However, the rewards are boundless. I never, ever, ever again intend to have a “third glass” of booze. The idea of it no longer suits me.

Cheers and happiness.




2 thoughts on “So Long to the Dreaded “Third Glass”

  1. Rotrax

    Congratulations on 149 days – or 150 now? – and great to see you embracing it with such enthusiasm and commitment. I’m a little behind you, on day 137 and, having completed the 90-day challenge, still quite happily living an AF life. Never did manage to summon the commitment to sign up for 365 days though.


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