Hangover Schmangover, Hungover No More!

Hello from Day 176 of being 100 percent alcohol free. I am truly beginning to experience some magical effects amidst this 365-day, no-booze challenge.

The mojo has arrived!

Today, I thought I’d reflect on how great it is to wake up in the mornings, well, feeling good.

You see, for a few decades I was a willing participant in a drinking culture. Alcohol permeated (and still does) every social and business aspect of my existence. The booze is flowing at every party, every business-after-hours, every meal out, every milestone celebration…you name it. On evenings when I drank more than two glasses of wine, it was a sure-fire bet that I would wake up the next morning with the dreaded hangover. Some worse than others. To be totally transparent, when I drank that devil of a third glass of wine, everything would go downhill from there particularly if I kept the sipping (ahem, guzzling) going.

There is nothing worse than a wretched hangover. The kind that makes you desperately say, “I’m never, ever drinking again.” The kind that causes you to curl up on the couch on a Saturday or Sunday hugging a teddy bear wimpering, “Why oh why did I drink so much?” But as for me, invariably five or six o’clock would roll around and a “hair of the dog” would be calling my name.

As I fast approach my six-month landmark of no booze, I intend to never again experience another hangover in my life. What a waste of time. What a stealer of my soul, my joy and my potential.

On any given day around the world, how many people from all walks of life are waking up–thanks to a boozy night before–fuzzy-minded, feeling lethargic or even worse? How many dreams, goals and good intentions are going unfulfilled because of hangovers?

Well, I don’t know how many, but I can tell you one thing for sure…

I feel absolutely amazing now that I’m taking a break from alcohol. I’ve undertaken a lot of self-reflection and many new and positive habits to get where I am today, and I fully intend to press on toward fulfilling some big dreams and goals.

Clear-headed. Feeling great. Embracing life. Thank you One Year No Beer.

Cheers and love,



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