Birthing a new me. Nine months alcohol free.

Nine months.

Today marks nine months of being 100 percent booze free.

Nine months–the same amount of time it takes to create a human being and push that bundle of joy out into the world.

I’m a much different and better person than I was when I started my alcohol-free challenge on February 12th of this year. Who knew that one change would set off a string of profound improvements in other areas of my life. A definite renewal has occurred.

Here are some good things and new habits that manifested since taking a break from the sauce:

  • Long about May, my client load exploded which took my confidence to another level.
  • I have paid off a boat load of financial debt and my FICO score has gone way up.
  • I have run one 10k and five 5k parkruns.
  • I attended an amazing, amazing personal development seminar in Manchester, England and learned so much from the experience and the people. On the way back to the USA, I stopped in Ireland and enjoyed a fun, fabulous, four-day visit with my friends who live in Dublin.
  • I was was given a free ticket to see the in-demand Broadway show, Hamilton, at the Kennedy Center here in Washington, DC and can now sing the King George song like no other. Spark joy!
  • I have zero desire to drink alcohol. Poof. It’s gone. And because I’m not spending money on booze, I have saved a ton of money.
  • I healed myself of chronic, 24/7 back pain that plagued me for 14 straight months by applying the technique of Dr. John Sarno outlined in his book, “Healing Back Pain.”
  • I meditate every day, end my daily showers with freezing cold water (arggh!!!) and don’t look at my cell phone or computer screen for the first 30 minutes upon waking up. These three simple practices are amazing.
  • I went a whole 30 days eating 100 percent vegan. While I’m not continuing the strict practice, eating less meat and dairy agrees with my body.
  • Because of my choice to go booze-free for a year, a number of my friends (on their own) are trying out mini breaks from the sauce.

Has it been hard work to accomplish all of this in nine months? Have I struggled with everyday life challenges and dusted myself off over and over again? Am I happier, more hopeful and more confident today than I have been in years? H-E-double toothpicks YES!!!

People keep asking me, “What are you going to drink on Day 366 once your challenge is over?” I always let them know that I’ll decide once I get there.

Until then, I have a strong feeling that the re-birthing and renewal processes in my life are not yet done and cannot wait to see what unfolds for me in the next three months.

One thing I know for sure is that I didn’t get to where I am today all by myself. Major props to God and to my One Year No Beer tribe members who are some of the finest people in the entire world.

Cheers and love,


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