Hello my name is Kathleen and… I am Enough!

So here I am on Day 287 completely alcohol free. I feel amazing. Only 78 days to go in hitting my goal of going an entire year without the booze. Wooty, woot, woot, woot.

Now for the big, burning question I’m getting asked, “What are you going to drink on Day 366?”

The answer is easy. One I cannot–CANNOT–believe I’m saying because this gal, ahem, liked her wine.

Drum roll! Once I hit the 365 mark, I intend to continue life alcohol free. On Day 366 I’ll be drinking sparking water or tea or an alcohol-free craft brew. Why? Because of the amazing things that are occurring in all areas of my life. Better health. Better relationships. More money. Better sleep. More peace. More fun and joy.

Now let me get this straight, my booze-free journey has not been easy. In fact it’s been down-right hard at times. The peer pressure alone from other adults who can’t handle my not drinking has been alarming. Give up broccoli or gummy bears and things are copacetic. However, take a break from alcohol and all of the sudden I’m controversial.

Okay, now to the point I want to make today. One of the most mind-blowing realizations I have uncovered thanks to being clear headed is that: I. Am. Enough. Thank you Marisa Peer (check out her AMAZING video).

You see, my deep-dive journey of self-discovery over the last 287 days to create a better life for myself has allowed me to pinpoint why I was making bad decisions and repeating unproductive behaviors for years in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made many good decisions in my career and personal lives. However, there were rotating results cropping up again and again that were not allowing me to live my best life.

Here’s the golden nugget I unearthed: I held a deep-seeded belief that I was not enough. And apparently, I was not alone.

Marisa Peer has been recognized as a top therapist and coach in the United Kingdom. She has worked with famous movie stars and athletes from Hollywood and all over the world. Marisa has discovered the common denominator of most people’s problems is that we don’t feel like we are enough: smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough, wealthy enough, lovable enough. You get the point.

When we truly understand that we are enough, everything changes. In my case, because my self-image has improved these past nine-plus months I am making better decisions and spending much more of my time around like-minded, positive-focused people.

So that’s it for today. It’s still a bit unsettling for me to say out loud, but here goes: My name is Kathleen and I am enough! Ahhhhhhhh…. Liberating.

And you know what? YOU are enough too.

Peace and love,




2 thoughts on “Hello my name is Kathleen and… I am Enough!

  1. lynbattle

    Fabulous post Kathleen – great nuggets of info and beautifully written! Your sentiments totally match my yoga teacher’s ethos “I am enough” and to always strive to be the best version of ourselves – check out Allie van Fossen the Journey Junkie! Congrats in nearing goal of 365days , you are an inspiration!


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