KJD Jumping for JoyThank you for visiting my blog. The goal here is to share experiences and lessons learned during my 365-day, booze-free journey that might inspire you in some way.

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, adventurer and constant seeker of meaning and purpose. For years (and I mean, years!), living life in a drinking culture led me to eventually wondering if there was a better way to happiness, fun and connected relationships aside from regularly swigging down booze at evenings out, get-togethers and nights at home.

After all, the global media and culture have told us that if we want to experience joy, success, health, good relationships and abundance–alcohol is the key.

It took me years to to wake up to the awareness that almost every social and business function out there in the universe entails alcohol as the star feature. As for me, it was not uncommon to drink three or more nights a week due to my business networking and social circles. I even live in a building with a full-on cocktail lounge and our very own bartender. Aye Yai Yai!

What led me to take the booze-free plunge was joining an amazing 90-day challenge group back in February called One Year No Beer. Once I achieved 90 days alcohol free, I was hooked on feeling so great and decided to keep it going by upping to the 365 challenge group.

What I hope to achieve this year is better health, stronger relationships and a life that sparks joy. I am also on the pursuit to answer two questions: 1) Why is being alcohol free the exception rather than the rule (seriously, most people who I tell about my decision look at me as if  I’m an alien!); and 2) Does alcohol add to or detract from my pursuit of an abundant, blessed, purposeful life?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not anti-alcohol these days. I’m just a curious gal on a quest to discover what happens to my life by laying off the booze for 365 days straight.

Thank you for following my journey. Whether you want to hit your own snooze button on the booze for awhile, or if you’re simply curious about the alcohol free trend, I’m glad you’re here.